Welcome To Kaleidoscope Design Inc. Welcome To Kaleidoscope Design Inc.
This is the age of image. And graphic design is the foundation of that image. Marketing communications have become increasingly more vital to the global business community. In a time when image is everything, many companies have found that a well-executed brand is their most defining and effective business tool. In this era, creative firms must recognize and communicate the big picture, that graphic design transcends visual decoration. It is about building strategies and relationships that will endure and grow. It is ultimately about transforming the bottom line.
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Kaleidoscope Design Inc is a 'Complete Picture' firm, providing all the components that comprise 'image' and brand. These include identity, marketing communications and collaterals, website and social media strategy, POP, display and environmental graphics. In short, what defines your company.

Cynthia Lynn, Kaleidoscopes's principal and founder is a designer, creative director, marketing strategist and all-around Branding Guru with over 20 years of creating for all types of clients, utilizing all forms of medium, from print to web to signage and display. She can tell your story in a way that will engage and compel your consumer. She has creatively managed projects and branding programs of all types and sizes. Her team possesses the bandwidth to handle any and all projects – and has – for a myriad of local, national and international clients.

As a creative professional who has experienced a generation of design, she has both the tools and knowledge to define your brand and carry your business into this cross-media age and beyond.