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The Value of Image for Multifamily Marketing

We have all felt the pain of the present economy in one way or another. But in good times or bad, one constant remains; everyone has to live somewhere. Remaining competitive in this market means standing out from the surrounding competition. One way to achieve this is by creating a compelling, cohesive image for your community.

We are a very visually oriented culture. We are bombarded each day by hundreds of images and an overwhelming majority of them appear cluttered and confusing to us. A consistent, thematic, attractive image stands out from the rest. Much of our perception of a property is based on our first impression. A first impression is usually a lasting impression. This can be enhanced with a quality logo, identifying signage, and other exterior elements like banners and A-boards. Beautiful, clean exterior images give the impression of a well-kept property, while communicating vital information within a few seconds. All marketing materials, from leasing brochures, to advertising, to websites and displays encompass the image of a property, and speak to the perspective resident in a way that should reinforce the message you choose to convey. If a perspective tenant views the banners and exterior signage and then experiences the tie-in with the theme and interior of the property, they experience a subconscious bonding. Because what the viewer perceives as quality, is really just consistency.

In a competitive market, where there are likely to be literally dozens of choices within each neighborhood for the apartment dweller to choose from, a well developed image can make the difference between you and the competition. The more a property addresses its overall identity, the more the community builds equity and this can be ultimately transformative.


Five Laws of Branding for Multi-Family Residence

In this atmosphere of internet marketing and social media, everyone is putting so much emphasis on permeating these new venues, and forgetting the most important thing – that all media should be about promoting and reinforcing the brand. Without a solid, cohesive brand and consistent message, all the Twitter feeds and Facebook fan pages won’t mean a thing. Social media and internet marketing is meant to supplement- not supplant the brand.

So to get back to the basics, building that all encompassing brand that compels and leads in the competitive marketplace, here are some basic rules about branding for multifamily residence, whether urban mixed-use or suburban garden style, that are vital to know and use.

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